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Paul Bet is president and founder of P.A. Bet, Inc. Paul’s passion for woodworking began at a young age. Much of his time growing up was spent watching and helping his father, Marco, with small woodworking projects in their backyard shop.  As he grew older, Paul continued to build on his woodworking career: working at a cabinet shop while in high school, and completing side jobs out of his backyard in college. His determination to succeed and willingness to take risks led to the decision to open his own shop in 1986. Today, P.A. Bet, Inc. is regarded as one of the premier architectural woodworking businesses on the Peninsula.  Much of Paul’s work is inspired by architectural elements witnessed during his travels through Europe and Washington D.C. In Paul’s opinion, the more challenging and complex projects are, the more exciting they are to tackle. Paul remains very dedicated to the growth of his company and hopes to expand to an additional facility in the future. 


Paul Bet



(Paul (left) shown with his father Marco)

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